About me

After  more then 19 years working as a makeup and hair stylist around the world,Marketa made an Aliyah to Israel.

Her long carrier  includes working for Hollywood studios (Paramount),worldwide campaigns ( Xbox Kinnect,Revlon cosmetics,Campary,Volvo,Samsung,..etc.),red carpet actors Salma Hayek,Catherine Zeta Jones and Mads Mikkelsen.Marketa experienced working in fashion industry and for magazines Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

After moving to Israel, continued working with A-listed Israeli artists,magazines and designers and as well with private clients and Brides.

In her own words:

I want all my clients to understand,that you don’t have to be a celebrity,to get a professional hair and makeup done.

I love working with brides,at such a special day.Seeing you happy and satisfied makes me love my job even more. With every client I work very personaly and make sure I give them all my heart”.